Bermuda Data Roaming and WiFi

Data Roaming whilst in Bermuda is horrendously expensive.  Having looked into all options, if you absolutely must stay connected on your mobile whilst away, the cheapest option seems to be with Vodafone.  If you are lucky enough to already have a Pay Monthly contact with Vodafone then it will cost you just £5 per day to use your home allowance of data, calls and texts.

As Vodafone’s international roaming offer only applies to pay monthly SIMs and contracts, if you don’t already have a Vodafone SIM you can sign up for their cheaper 30 day pay monthly SIM for £11.50 and you will be able to take advantage of £5 data whilst in Bermuda (taking your total cost to £21.50 for 2 days with a maximum data use of 250mb) –

Bermuda offers an Island Wide WiFi service (Hot Spots, not available everywhere) at a cost – You can see all the costs here –

Some restaurants (not all) will offer free Wi-Fi so look out for these – Apparently the “Frog and Onion” offers free Wi-Fi if you happen to be there –

The information contained about cellular/mobile roaming is based on information available to UK users.